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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Cubs@Coors Field Round 2 8/04

Zambrano ---------Wright
Tonight is a game that proves to be more than the 2 teams in it. These 9 innings will change the Cubs season. A good game could give the Cubs a whole game lead on the closest team (the Padres.) But a loss could tie the Cubs with Giants and make it a 3 way race for the coveted 4th playoff spot. Almost more important is the effect that the unforgivingly hitters park will have on emotional Zambrono. If the Z-man gets bombed early as Wood experienced he likely will not be able to recover since his panties will be in to big of a bunch. If Zambrono can execute well, and get the groundballs that a normal "groundball pitcher" can get, it could provide a solid boost for CZ.
Go Cubs

Review of Cubs@Rockies 8/3

In Nomar's second game with the big red "C" he continued to impress. Another sign that he is the savior was his clutch hit and rbi. His hit streak is now at 11, and he has never not had a hit in a cubs uni. The best news of the 5-3 win had to be Wood, who after a "rockie" start letting up 3 runs in the first settled down and pitch 7 scorless innings. Hawkins then shocked the Cub nation by going 3 up 3 down and sealing the deal. Except for the bottom of the 1st and top of the second the game was basically a pitchers duel. Suprissingly, Cubs fans have once again started emergining at the road games, and seemed to drown out the few Rockie fans. An added bonus were many of the fans seemed to be busty blondes, not a common site at Wrigley but quite suprising on the road. But, there is plenty of room for those blondes to jump on the band wagon/and or me.


A Farewell to the Gonz

Oh Gonzo Oh Gonzo
Now now your an Expo

There once was a shortstop in Cubby Blue
But he had trouble hitting over .222

In 2003 he was loved as a clutch home run terror
Except for one chilly night in October where he made a one out error

Sure, you went 1 for six in your first game for Montreal, but you'll come around
Maybe next time your in the playoffs you'll end the inning by turning two and simply picking the ball off the ground

But everyone's forgotten about your error they just remember that guy sitting there in the stands
AG thank god for Steve Bartman

Oh Gonzo Oh Gonzo
Now your an Expo

A look into the Fat Farm A.K.A. Bears Training Camp

Next time someone questions new Bears coach Lovie Smith, remember this... He has a lot of guts. Apparently he told %95 of the 88 man Bears pre-season team that they were to fat and needed to loose weight. Now, you ask, why would it take alot of guts to to tell a team with big guts that they're are too big? Because theese guys with the guts that have bigger guts than you are gutless enough to give up and loose respect of a guy with enough guts to tell you that your guts are to big. Plainly speaking he told almost the entire team (83.6 players to my calculations) that they were fat on his first day on the job. A pretty gutsy move on his first day. Though it is obvious some players are to fat, the jury is still out on who is just %60 too fat. I'm guessing the person has a fat head or something and has nothing to do with him being able to lose the weight.
Just a Thought,

Cub fan math

9 games against the NL west coming up=9 of the biggest heart attacks of my life
9 more walks by Kyle Farnsworth=9 more times I stab myself in the eye with a pencil
9 more times LaTroy pitches in the 9th= 9 more blown save

Ok, maybe I'm being a little too synical, hey we did get Nomar, but if we can't take 2 of 3 from the Giants, Pads, and Dodgers in the next two weeks, it wont matter if we get Jesus. So buckle up, brace yourself for a bumpy ride, and hope for 9 complete games from the starters.
Go Cubs Go,
Hungry Chuck

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Nomar... a reason to live.

Up untill august second, life was starting to look grim... Alex Gonzalez was hitting .216, Brian Urlacher bassically injured himself getting on the field at Bear's training camp, the Bulls seamed to be on pace for another craptacular season, and worst of all Geno's East stopped delivering to my neighborhood! Just as I was searching the web for the best way to kill myself (I decided to check out since the Cubs have been real good at shooting themselves in the foot) I saw news about Nomar. I took a deep breath and opened the page... A few minutes after I came too life didn't seem so dark. We finally had a short stop that could hit! At first it sounded crazy but then it seemed just crazy enough to work! Maybe after he is done leading the Cubs through October he can suit up in #54's jersey and run a few drills without pulling a hammy. Then maybe he can put on a Bulls number 3 jeresey, and process the complex idea of rebounding. To get the ball you must jump Eddy!!! Then after all that maybe he can pick me up a deep dish pattied sausage and spinach pizza from Geno's East. Ok, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself... maybe he wont be able to rebound... But you have to admit that after 2 games he's got 2 hits 2 runs and 2 rbi's. His already 3 months ahead of Gonzo.
Welcome to Chi-town Nomar,

And the saga begins...

This is the first (of hopefully many) many posts for my blog. This blog is dedicated to the life of a Chicago sports fan and the many ups-and-downs that are associated with this lifestyle. We live a good-news bad-news life. Yet, it seems usually there is alot more bad news coming our way. Once in a while I will talk about a little more than just sports, sometimes it's just to painfull.
Thanks for reading,

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