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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A look into the Fat Farm A.K.A. Bears Training Camp

Next time someone questions new Bears coach Lovie Smith, remember this... He has a lot of guts. Apparently he told %95 of the 88 man Bears pre-season team that they were to fat and needed to loose weight. Now, you ask, why would it take alot of guts to to tell a team with big guts that they're are too big? Because theese guys with the guts that have bigger guts than you are gutless enough to give up and loose respect of a guy with enough guts to tell you that your guts are to big. Plainly speaking he told almost the entire team (83.6 players to my calculations) that they were fat on his first day on the job. A pretty gutsy move on his first day. Though it is obvious some players are to fat, the jury is still out on who is just %60 too fat. I'm guessing the person has a fat head or something and has nothing to do with him being able to lose the weight.
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